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Campus Planning - Sustainability

Do you know how to meet current population demands while preserving natural resources for future generations? Sustainability is a relatively new trend on college campuses - now is the time for you to become an expert.

This online interactive course will expose you to the importance of sustainable considerations at higher learning institutions and develop your understanding of sustainable techniques. You will learn:

  • sustainable practices
  • common initiatives for going green
  • consequences for the smallest sustainable effort
  • sustainable strategies

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

  • List the benefits of sustainable considerations at higher education campuses
  • Discuss the historical background of campus sustainability
  • Describe the critical role higher education institutions play in setting environmental standards
  • Name some of the most common initiatives for going green on higher education campuses
  • Articulate the inter-connectivity between environmental sustainability and education
  • Enumerate the most common sustainable strategies embraced by higher education institutions

Course Price: $ 77.90

Continuing Education Credits approved for:
  • AIA
  • AIBC
  • IEI
  • LEED
  • OAA