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Solar Electric Generation: Technologies

Solar energy is an abundant and underutilized energy source in the West. Solar conditions are optimal in the Desert Southwest and, given the geographic and climatic conditions, potentially the best in the world. In addition, these areas of premium, excellent, and good solar resources are located near major metropolitan areas. This 5-hour interactive online course discusses the different types of solar generating technologies and their potential for producing clean, renewable, affordable energy in the West.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, you will have a better understanding of:

  • Discuss solar generating technologies, such as Photovoltaic electric power and Thermal solar power
  • Describe the benefits of using solar power, including its abundance and mild environmental impact
  • Explain solar power energy policies, including renewable portfolio standards (RPS), green energy programs, and tax incentives
  • Discuss energy resource options, such as fossil fuels and other renewables, and gain understanding about the generating capactity these resources could provide, their depletion rates, and possible environmental impact

Course Price: $ 134.75

Continuing Education Credits approved for:
  • AIA
  • ICC
  • IEI
  • LEED
  • OAA